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To our dear patients,

We hope this letter finds you well and safe at home. Throughout this unprecedented crisis we have been working hard to determine how we will move forward to restart our practice providing the routine dental care you deserve to maintain optimal oral health. Although this pandemic has changed life as we know it for the present time, we are confident that life will eventually return to normal. Regardless, throughout this “new normal” we are and will always be committed to your safety as well as the safety of our staff and our families.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 Crisis we donated a portion of our PPE stock to local hospitals on the front line. However, we have since been able to restock and order all additional PPE supplies to keep you and our office safe. In addition to more advanced PPE, we have implemented a new set of protocols for our office and for each treatment room and these modifications will be detailed below. We cannot reiterate enough that our number one priority is safety. Up until this point we have safely been providing emergency care to all our patients in need; now with the strictest of measures for COVID-19 prevention in place we plan to increase our treatment capacity to include more routine oral health care.

All of the additional infection control measures I refer to either meet or exceed those recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA), Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

The following will be done for every patient at every appointment:

Prior to appointment:

- Patients will be interviewed over the phone to determine any potential COVID-19 risks prior to scheduling their appointment

- Patients will be e-mailed electronic forms that that we ask to please be completed and emailed back to our office prior to your appointment. Such forms may be medical forms and/or covid-19 consent forms

- Telehealth conferencing will be available at doctor discretion

- Patients will be asked to come to their appointments alone if possible and to please wait in their car until we are ready to see them in our office safely. Only mothers of small children or aides for elderly will be permitted to wait in the waiting room. I might add that we will have to run much closer to schedule, and we will!!!

- All appointments will be scheduled with excess time between appointments to allow for our extra infection control measures

- Patients are asked to arrive wearing a mask. If you do not have a mask we will provide you with one.


- We ask that each patient please call our office from your car upon your arrival in our parking lot.

- We will review with you your treatment and ensure that all proper paperwork has been completed.

- Temperature and Oxygen SatO2 will be taken of every patient at the door prior to entering the office

- We will require the use of hand sanitizer prior to entering any treatment room in our office as well as you wearing a MASK

- We please ask that if possible, all personal belongings such as keys, cell phones, etc…remain in your pocket or personal bag during your appointment

In the Operatory

 - Each patient will be given 2% hydrogen peroxide to rinse with for 1 minute

 - A rubber dam or "Isolite" ( mouth barrier ) will be used whenever possible

 - IQair air purification system with an additional extraoral chairside suction tool will be used during each procedure


- Upon leaving the operatory we ask that you please check-out with the front desk immediately to maintain proper patient flow.

- Next appointments will be made in treatment rooms and payments can be made at the front desk to minimize activity near reception.

- Please, if there are any insurance or billing questions or outstanding issues that need to be discussed with the front desk we ask that you do so via telephone preferably at day prior to your appointment or immediately after your appointment

Doctor and Staff Protocols

- All doctors and staff will have temperature and oxygen SatO2 taken daily

- Hands will be washed multiple times a day along with frequent use of hand sanitizer

- Front desk staff will have sneeze guard barriers - Front desk staff will wear level 3 masks

- Doctors, hygienists and assistants will wear full PPE including N95 or KN95 with masks over it, surgical gown and cap, eye protection with face shield and gloves.

In our office: 

 - All frequently touched surfaces throughout the office will be wiped down multiple times a day.

 - All materials and communal items in the office that are frequently touched such as magazines, pamphlets, etc… will be removed from the waiting room and patient operatories.

Coming Soon

- Electrostatic sprayer to further help sanitize all surfaces throughout the office We remain steadfast in proving the safest environment without sacrificing the highest level of dental care you’ve become accustomed to in our office.

Should you have ANY QUESTIONS or concerns please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you as well as RESPECT any preferences during this time. We sincerely thank you for your understanding any inconveniences during this time and look forward to overcoming this terrible challenge TOGETHER as we all look out for one another.

All the best, Dr. Bram Alster, Dr. Jason Alster and our entire staff

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