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Dear Patients,

As cases of COVID-19 mount in our local community, it is imperative to mitigate the spread by strictly adhering to “social distancing.” As a neighbor, community member, and healthcare provider, I feel it is my responsibility to protect my wonderful patients and their families, my wonderful staff and their families as well as myself and my own family. For these reasons I have made the decision to close our office for the next 2 weeks, at that time we will re-evaluate the climate to safely re-open the office. If anyone feels the need for me to see them urgently, please call the office upon receipt of this communication and we will try to accommodate you.

Our office adheres to all of OSHA’s most stringent policies for infection prevention and control as part of our normal daily routine. However, we have been going well above OSHA and have been disinfecting doors, door handles, cabinets, drawers, light switches, etc. The health of our office and patients is our #1 priority. Let me be clear in stating that no staff member in my office or anyone in their families had tested positive for COVID-19 or has been sick. No patient seen in our office has reported a positive test for COVID-19 and we have not been seeing any patients who show or report any signs of being ill. In the past several weeks since this Pandemic was declared, our procedures, protective wear as well as protocols regarding whether or not to see a patient, have been adjusted to meet more stringent requirements for safety.

Rest assured that we will be available for emergency care. I have established a network with our specialists to deal with urgent situations and I am available on my cell for emergencies. We will be rescheduling patients over the next few days and we plan to be adding office hours when we can safely return to work and take care of all of you.

We believe that this temporary closure will allow us to more effectively evaluate this fluid situation and assist in the CDC’s guidance of social separation. We will continue to monitor the situation as it evolves to determine when it will be safe to return to our normal business hours.

Although comprehensive social distancing is uncomfortable, PLEASE do your part. Our municipalities are going to great lengths to shut schools, group gatherings and public events but making daily choices to stay away from each other is up to you. It is our only strategy for slowing the projected number of people who will need acute care.

Wash your hands, don’t forget to brush your teeth, floss and “SMILE’ and with G-d’s help we will all get through this together!

You or members of your family can reach us at 201-797-3044 or can e-mail us to and someone will promptly get back to you. There will be administrative staff available several days a week to return calls when they get in. Again, emergencies will be either seen at our office or properly referred.


Dr. Bram Alster

Dr. Jason Alster

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