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Dear Patients,

Wishing our patients well until we see you again!

On behalf of our dental team, I want to let you know that we are thinking of you during this unprecedented time and wish you all the strength, perseverance and good fortune you and we all need, to get through this. We are dedicated above all to keeping our patients and staff safe, and look forward to being able to get back to serving your dental needs with the high standard that you, our patients, deserve.

The odds are that some of you may have been afflicted with COVID, either personally, or through a family member or friend. We hope all have recovered and that anybody who might still be ill is well on their way to a speedy and complete healing. This virus is currently as none other ever encountered and I urge everybody to take the necessary precautions so that we can eliminate this as quickly as possible. We are a community and need to act as ONE TEAM — think back to what we were taught in our schools and in Little Leagues and most likely in our homes. We are in this together, so please keep in mind that WE are in it together. The moment you leave your house, you are putting you and your community at risk #StayHome. Wearing gloves, masks, washing your hands with soapy water for 20 seconds (Happy Birthday song 2x!) and being extremely vigilant DOES reduce the chances of being infected or infecting others.

My father of blessed memory would say; “this too shall pass” whenever I was faced with an upsetting challenge, and I pass that calming message on to you. Testing and treatments and our efforts in distancing will make a major difference in reducing the morbidity and mortality rates and thus fear and disruption will slowly wane.

Please note that we’ll be trying to reach you all by phone just to check on you and say “hello” and just keep in touch. For us, that is time well-spent. We miss you all and want to keep a personal connection so that when the day comes that we can see each other again, we will know how you’ve fared, how your family is doing and resume a normalcy we are all craving.

Keep your eye out for Dr.Jason who along with my grandson will be posting things entertaining and educational on our Office Facebook page and Website so please look out for it. You can also click on the attachment to see my grandson demonstrating proper brushing.

As you know from my recent e-mail blast, we will always be there for you so please let me know if you develop any serious dental emergency or if you’d just like to speak. We will be periodically checking messages so there is an additional means of you reaching us while we are closed. Don’t forget that we still need to brush and floss and keep our teeth. Again; please feel free to e-mail me at even if you’d just like to talk and I can get back to you. STAY SAFE and we all look forward to seeing you all soon. 

Ps; Please watch this Pulmonologist from New York Cornell Hospital speak on the subject. I thought he is excellent and even sort of entertaining in his delivery.

pps; I’ll be posting some funnies and some interesting things on our website page and on “Instagram” over the next few days and couple of weeks so please look out. Be assured that when circumstances allow and we know it is safe, we will reopen. Hopefully, this can happen in early May but right now it would be anyone’s guess / no promises. We wish everyone who celebrates, a Happiest and heathy Passover and Easter and though very different we are sure the holidays will be extremely meaningful; maybe even more-so than ever before.

Dr. Bram Alster

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